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Yvonne 23/08/2016

Fast delivery! Thanks for the gift! Will support again.....

vikitang@hotmail.con 23/12/2015

good service and fast reply..

meisin 13/12/2015

good service and fast delivery..

Kristeen Kok 13/12/2015

Good service fast reply fast delivery.. will support again...

Kristeen kok 13/12/2015

Fast and good service, will support again...

Bubble 12/12/2015

Fast delivery, good quality and good service, will come back next time..

bibi ngoan 11/12/2015

Good service, bag is nice, worth it... 11/12/2015

good service。。nice ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.. 11/12/2015


Vivian voon 10/12/2015

Love their excellent service. Fast delivery. Definitely will buy from them again. .. 09/12/2015

Good customers service and reasonable price. ..

Robby 08/12/2015

Excellent seller and good service.. .. 07/12/2015

Good quality & services! Been having great purchasing experiences with SugarBella! .. 05/12/2015

good service and good quality! Will come back again. Thanks sugar bella... 04/12/2015


Hui Xian 03/12/2015

Good Service And Fast Delivery..

Cristal 01/12/2015

verry good service n fast delivery..

Shirley 29/11/2015

Very good service and fast delivery !! Will come back again !..

Shirley 29/11/2015

Very good service and fast delivery !! Will come back again !..

Pei Si 28/11/2015

fast delivery and good service~..

Pei Si 28/11/2015

fast and good service,to be continue.. 26/11/2015

Good service & fast reply .. 26/11/2015

Good service & fast reply ..

chee boey 25/11/2015

Good Service and fast delivery..

boey 25/11/2015

Good Service and fast delivery..

boey 25/11/2015

Good Service and fast delivery..

Boey 25/11/2015

Good Service and fast delivery..

Boey 25/11/2015

Good Service and fast delivery..

kai sin 24/11/2015

good service and good quality! Will come back again.thanks sugar bella..

kai sin 24/11/2015

good service and good quality! Will come back again thanks sugar bella ..

kai sin 24/11/2015

good service and good quality! Will come back again ..

kai sin 24/11/2015

good service and good quality! Will come back again ..

kai sin 24/11/2015

good service and good quality! Will come back again ..

kai sin 24/11/2015

good service and good quality!.. 23/11/2015

Good service and very satisfying goods!love to shop here..

Elainelky 23/11/2015

Nice &Good Service and will support again ❤️ ..

Eng Chau Yin 21/11/2015

Good service and fast delivery!!..

Elaine Loo Xiao Hun 21/11/2015

Received my Jelly Toyboy Bag by yesterday .... Love it ... Thanks..

lynna 17/11/2015

I'm received my parcel today..very good service so fast ..

Vivian Loh 14/11/2015

Good Service and fast delivery..

Caryn Ler 10/11/2015

Good service n nice jelly toyboy bag.. 09/11/2015

Very good service! Quick response and will definitely order from here again...

Hannah Lee 06/11/2015

good service and fast delivery!! what a nice toyboy jelly bag!! i like it so much. thank you :)..

Michelle 04/11/2015

Good Service...Will come back again.....

nicole lee 04/11/2015

Goods services n fast delivery,..

Evelynn 26/10/2015

Jassey Lim 12/10/2015 Good service .. Fast Delivery !..

Anna 23/10/2015

The service was impressive..pretty sire ill come again. ..

Rachele 23/10/2015

GOOD service, FAST delivery, WELL response too! Will automatically update customer the status when they received payment. Satisfied with the quality of bags!! ( I always shop online, many of them received my payment alr then no update until I asked. )..

Nicole 22/10/2015

Very good service and fast delivery!..

See Kee 22/10/2015

Very good services, thanks for being patient and answer all my questions. Will come back again ..

yee ying 21/10/2015

good quality. will support again..

Sharon Lee 21/10/2015

good service,good quality..

Sharon Lee 20/10/2015

Good service, will support again..

applechu 20/10/2015

Good service and so fast replay I will come back buy again tvmq..

Elsa 19/10/2015

good service and delivery so fast~☺☺..

Yee 17/10/2015

Good quality of stock, service is nice..

Yee 17/10/2015

Fast delivery, good quality of stock..

Calister Seah 17/10/2015

Toy boy Jelly Bag正品代购收到了。。。包包香香的。。。服务很赞哦。。。..

lily teoh 17/10/2015

good service.. fast delivery.. ♡♡♡..

ZIWEN 17/10/2015

good service!..

Mary 17/10/2015

good service and fast delivery..

mary 17/10/2015

good services n fast delivery..

Amanda 16/10/2015

Received ur stock and the goods are satisfied. ..

Calister Seah 16/10/2015

Toyboy jelly bag正品代购。。。包包真的很美。。。而且包包香香的。。。服务态度很好。。。赞..

Cola Ling 16/10/2015

good service and fast delivery, will support u again....

ChunMei Ng 15/10/2015

Nice, patience and polite service!!!! will be order back definitely!!!!!!!!!!..

EVON 13/10/2015

Good service,fast delivery and good quality!..

MunYee 13/10/2015


Gina 12/10/2015

Good service n fast delivery...

Jassey Lim 12/10/2015

Good service ! Fast Delivery ! ..

kimberry 12/10/2015

Good service, will support again ..

Sum Pei Jia 12/10/2015

fast respond. Good service..

lee shui fung 10/10/2015

the quality very nice & service very good..

Chloe 10/10/2015

Nice quality item,good Service..

Xiao Wen 08/10/2015

Good service and respon..

Esthers 08/10/2015

Fast delivery if available stocks..

iney LeeRw 07/10/2015

Good service and good qualities ~~..

stephinie Lai Sook 06/10/2015

goods received. fast delivery!!..

Nicole Chew 05/10/2015

Nice quality item!! delivery fast..

Lilian 03/10/2015

fast service and respond !! ^^..

Lilian 03/10/2015

Fast service & respond^^..

Kivvi 01/10/2015

Fast and efficient. Delivery beyond expectations!! Keep it up, good service..

Staphanie 29/09/2015

Excellent and efficient service..

Lisa Wong 29/09/2015

Good service ..

Yan 29/09/2015

Good quality and fast service. Definitely will support again. Like it.....

Shirley 29/09/2015

Good service, quick respond to my enquiries and quality stock as expectation...

Shirley 29/09/2015

Thanks for quick respond to my enquires. Good service ..

agnes 28/09/2015

fast delivery and good packing..

Liwici 28/09/2015

Quality and packaging are good ~ goods quickly received ~..

Alvina 28/09/2015

Good quality items. Efficient service. ..

Miko 27/09/2015

Everytime fast with good service!..

J'lyn Liew 26/09/2015

The service is fast and nice! Definitely will shop again and recommend it to my jimuis~..

Pier 25/09/2015

Good service, will support again..

pier 24/09/2015

Good service, will support again ..

Nn law 24/09/2015

this is my 3rd time purchase with them!good quality and good service!love it!..

Tammy 23/09/2015

Good & Fast Service.....

Tan 22/09/2015

The quality of the bag is good!!purchase so many times!!love it..

lynn 22/09/2015

Good Quality and Good Service..

Regina Wong 21/09/2015

Good and Fast service it.. will shopping at your shop again..

Emilia Tan 20/09/2015

Good service , definitely will support again ..

Xiao Mei 18/09/2015

Good service! Definitely will support again...

sokchintan 17/09/2015

Good service . Good quality next time will support again..

Karhui Ong 17/09/2015

Received in good condition High quality and good customer service Will support again ya..

Hao Ying 17/09/2015

Good quality ..

Ngee wen sze 17/09/2015

..good quality n good it so much...will support :)..

yumikii 16/09/2015

Good Service and will support again ya.....

Su Mee 15/09/2015

Good service&affordable price. Thank nice customer service..

Carmen yong 15/09/2015

Very good quality of the v style air pump & the service... Due I never expected they really can did it to customer, which sent the parcel to the mall's main gate door there! I'm so love ur excellent service! Thank you so much..

Momo 15/09/2015

Good service and good quality Will support again...

Verna Lim 13/09/2015

good service,I'll support again..

Tan Jie Ying 12/09/2015

Received in good condition. Good quality ! But service may slow abit (p/s: maybe that you said email error) Anyways, thank you. Will come again. Please dont let me wait so long :) ..

Caster Chen 12/09/2015

Good service & Good quality. Will support again.....

Baby Elin 12/09/2015

good service ,will support again..

Candy 11/09/2015

Very Good quality n service.....

Joanna Chong 10/09/2015

Love They Customers Service & Good quality also !..

Angel Lim 10/09/2015

Good Service & Good Quality ! Worth To Buy ..

Sue ern 10/09/2015

good service , will support !..

Irene Wong 09/09/2015

Good Quality, Good Service and will support again ya.....

Irene Wong 09/09/2015

Good Service and will support again ya...⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️..

abigail 08/09/2015

出货很快item in good condition ..

Christina 07/09/2015

* Friendly customer service with prompt reply of enquiries * Nice packing of parcel * Quality products Remark :

Christina 07/09/2015

*Friendly customer service with prompt reply of enquiries *Nice packing of parcel *Quality product..

Stephanie Choo 05/09/2015

affordable, good quality and good service. Worth it..

rinna chong 04/09/2015

Thanks to invited a good product.. The most satisfied part for me is the cutting of bra.. 1st time received a good quality product with a cheaper price.. ..

Gina Tan 03/09/2015

Good service!!!! Definitely will support again......

Joanna Chong 03/09/2015

like they clothes & bag with reasontable price ..

Nelissa Moh 03/09/2015

affordable price & good quality &Nice packaging !!..

Michelle Tan 03/09/2015

Thanks Customers Service help me solve the problem. Bty Good quality & nice service . Will came again..

elva kuah 02/09/2015

good service & good quality..

Joan Chooi 02/09/2015

Good quality and nice service :)..

Wong chi hui 01/09/2015

Nice services & affordable price, will purchase again ..

KIKI 01/09/2015

Good Quality & Thanks the Free Gift !..

Hanna Tan 31/08/2015

Always Shopping with SUGAR BELLA since 2014 ! Enjoy they service and nice packaging !..

San San Liu 31/08/2015

Latest trends Low Price , Service ok !..

Chong Wen Xuan 31/08/2015

Sweet Seller & Good Service . Some Product need wait 10 days but worth to wait . Good quality Love it !!..

Han Fong 31/08/2015

Service very good and always able to reply message for all my enquiry.for me I think is only the price little bit high...

YUKI LEW 30/08/2015


Samie choo 30/08/2015

superb fashion site! Latest trends, Good quality, eco-frenly prices, awesome services! Keep up d gd work! Love it! ..

candice 30/08/2015

品质我很喜欢,价钱不贵,下次一定在支持 Good Service..

Xin Er Tin 29/08/2015

Good quality & service. Enjoy shopping here ..

Joanna 29/08/2015

Good service and reasonable price of the goods. ..

Xin Er 29/08/2015

good service ..

Irene Chong 29/08/2015

Everthing are good . Will came again !..

Serene lim 29/08/2015

Highly Recommend this shopping website ! Good Quality & Low Price and Good service ! Nice Packing & Sweet Letter !..

Ching siang 29/08/2015

Good quality and good services..

Tan Siao Wen 28/08/2015


Joey lim 28/08/2015

Good quality and price really low than others seller . ..

Melissa Tan 28/08/2015

Many Choose easy for shopping , Good Quality and reasonable price .Most Important is Friendly Attitude of customers service , Happy Shopping Experience here .Will recommended to my friends !..

Evonne Ong 28/08/2015

衣服都很漂亮,我很喜欢~ 期待你们的新品 !! ^^..

Dollis Low 28/08/2015

good service!!! thank for your service!!! ..

Evonne Ong 28/08/2015

Good quality and good service !! My lovely online shop~..

Evonne Ong 28/08/2015

Good quality & good service!!! My lovely online shop. ♥ ..

LEE SIANG LIM 27/08/2015

Good seller..

elise law 27/08/2015

Good quality and good service..

KOH HUI FENG 27/08/2015


Michelle  Yap 27/08/2015

good seller!! worth to buy here! ..

shirley 27/08/2015

Good quality and good service. Thanks ..

vivi chong 27/08/2015

My Favourie Online Shop , satisfied the quality and price .Bty Good Service by customers service also !..

Han nee 27/08/2015

Good quality and good service. Thanks ..

nICOLE 27/08/2015

Responsible seller, fast and efficient. ..

Hani Nurzarah 26/08/2015

Been purchasing bags from sugar bella quite few times aready. Teally love the bags quality and satisfied with their product price. ..

kiki 26/08/2015

Worth The Money ! Love the BAG & Clothes ,will came again !..

FION 25/08/2015


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